Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Welcome to school, #davis7!!!

This week, we'll meet each other, get to know our classmates a little more, and prepare for next week's SOLAR ECLIPSE!

Here is a REALLY great site that will show you (in cartoon form) what it {might} look like on Aug 21. Hoping for clear skies. You can check other zip codes as well - grandma, aunt sue, your summer camp, etc. (The zip code for Davis is 30350). Go ahead and try it!

Week 1: Welcome to science; classroom orientation; scientific record keeping; eclipse preparation.


HW: Join Google Classroom; access the "getting to know you" form and complete it. Send me a message if you're having trouble!

Class 2: Footprints challenge; classroom safety; exit slip.
HW: BRING supplies to decorate your ISN tomorrow IN CLASS.  stickers, fancy tape, sticky letters, printed pics of you, printed pics of science that you love, etc.

Class 3: Assemble & decorate ISN.

Class 4: Eclipse prep!