Sunday, May 19, 2019

Week 9 (May 20-23)

Class 1: After recording your plant data/observations, complete the handout titled: The Parts of a Plant: Plant Structure. (it's on my small whale table in front of the room) Use the textbooks as a reference. Pages 330-335 will help you. In addition to writing the function of each part on the lines on the right side of the page, answer questions 2, 4, 8 on page 336; write the answers directly on the handout too. Turn in the handout when complete. I’ll check it next week.

Class 2 & 3:  "Hall of Fame" project! (already introduced to blocks 5 and 6)

There's a hard copy printed for each of you...and I've linked it above for easy access.

On Google Classroom there's a planning document for you. You can make a copy and save your own work.

Tuesday of next week will be a "work day" as well. And then you need to be ready to present your plant and we will vote on Wed. I might take some volunteers to present on Tuesday IF YOU ARE READY!

Don't forget to keep collecting data about your plants DAILY!