Monday, October 16, 2017

Week 10 (Oct. 16-20)

Welcome to our first full week of school since....(I can't remember!)

Monday: Cell projects are due. We'll be getting ready for next week's test. You'll get your study guide today. STUDY GUIDE

You'll complete your cell coloring page after we take some notes about PROTEIN PRODUCTION.
Genius Hour will be on Friday instead of today.

Class 2: Gallery walk to observe classmate cell projects. Notes on energy organelles.

Class 3: "Find someone who" review challenge. Venn diagrams for Plant vs Animal, Pro vs Eu.
Answer Key for Amoeba Sis vid and Cell Labeling

Class 4: Genius hour and final review for test (if needed)

Note: test will be next week on Monday. Genius Hour will be on Friday. Ms. Willis will be here all week while I chaperone the 6th grade trip to Charleston.